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Sita Buslines has a large modern fleet of over 70 buses. These include ultra low floor buses which provide improved access for bus patrons, particularly the elderly and people with disabilities.

Safety and Quality

The fleet of route buses operated by the Sita Group are under constant review and serviced in accordance with strict safety standards. Vehicles are updated regularly to ensure the fleet always comprises the latest models, with the best technology and safety features. This is in line with the Sita Group's policy to provide the best possible equipment and service to its passengers.

Coaches operated by the Sita Group feature the Execulog the equivalent of the so-called "Black Box" in-flight recorders in aircraft.

The Execulog, or Electronic Vehicle Monitoring System, allows all aspects of a trip to be monitored, including starting and finishing times, distance travelled, speeds travelled and instances of heavy braking and acceleration.

The information from the Execulog is transferred to computer and is used to ensure drivers adhere to the strict standards of expertise and safety required by the Group.

A full-time team of mechanics, auto electricians and cleaners are employed by the Sita Group, to keep all vehicles in the best possible condition.

Photo: Sita Bus
Photo: Sita Bus Interior

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